Felder PCS® (Preventive Contact System)

Felder PCS® (Preventive Contact System)

Serious accidents on the panel saw are a thing of the past - successful woodworking in safe hands with PCS®.

The new-look Format4 kappa 550

In 2008, the new Format4 sliding table panel saw kappa 550 was introduced. The design in itself was then and still is, unique. But after 12 years it was time for a facelift.

The Format4 kappa 590 has already set the scene for the new design of the Format4 panel saws.

In combination with the user-friendly smart touch control, the kappa 550 will not only have a new general design but it will also be fitted with the most up-to-date technology.

Overview of the most important changes:

  • New appearance
  • New screen control
  • Merging of the kappa 590 and kappa 550 control systems
  • PCS® available as an option on ALL types
  • Automatic crosscut fence also available on the x-motion
  • 2 axes scoring unit also available on the e-motion
  • Processing of cutting plans from a cutting optimization software also with the x-motion
  • Variable cutting speed only available in 3x400V
  • Tooling compartment for saw blades up to 550 mm
  • Part list holder with A4 clipboard

New appearance:

The machine chassis is powder-coated in anthracite grey (RAL 7016). The panels on the front of the machine are made from dark blue high-gloss plastic sheets. As with the kappa 590, the front border is framed in slate grey (RAL 7040).

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Tooling compartment for saw blades up to 550 mm in diameter:

As with the kappa 590, saw blades up to a diameter of 550 mm can also be stored on the kappa 550. However, due to the chassis design, the tool compartment is only available in the x-motion and e-motion versions.

Part list holder with A4 clipboard

In response to popular requests, there is a parts list holder with an A4 clipboard as an accessory on the kappa

590. This bracket can be installed on the kappa 590 x-motion, kappa 590 e-motion, kappa 550 x-motion, kappa 550 e-motion, and profil 92 Mon the overhead control panel.

PCS® available as an option for all types:

The unique and twice patented safety system, "Preventive Contact System PCS®", is available as an option on all 3 variants of the kappa 550.

PCS® is an assistance system that reduces the risk of cutting injury when using circular saws.

PCS® does not replace any of the legal protective devices required. The machine must be operated with a splitter and saw guard that complies with the appropriate regulations.

The detection principle is a capacitive sensor technology combined with a low mesh frequency. PCS® uses the saw blade as a sensor and works with any conventional saw blade, regardless of the tooth shape or quantity.

PCS® measures the electrical capacitive changes around the saw blade. Human tissue has different capacitive properties than wood or similar materials. (For example, when a hand approaches the saw blade, the capacitive signal changes).

Already at a safe distance from the saw b la d e PCS® evaluates this signal change and can clearly distinguish between tissue and material. Depending on the approach speed the system will eventually be triggered.

The triggering of the PCS® occurs by the electromagnetic repulsion principle.

The tool (saw blade) including the circular saw shaft and drive is held in place with 2 permanent magnets. If danger is detected and the command given for release, the permanent magnets are electrically reversed with a very high current pulse.  This creates a  tremendous repulsion for ce1 which shoots the tool under the machine table and out of the danger zone with multiple gravitational accelerations.

Before impact in its lower final position, the entire unit is decelerated via absorbers and the whole kinetic energy is removed. As a result, neither machine components nor the tool is damaged when released.

The entire trigger process is purely electrical and therefore at the speed of light! Also, no additional energy sources (compressed air, springs, or detonating caps) as with other systems are necessary. In other systems, the electrical signal must first be converted to another form of energy. This delays the release. As a consequence, the tool is not moved fast enough out of the danger area. As such the chance of injury cannot be completely rules out.


The complete sinking of the tool under the machine table is only possible up to a blade diameter of max. 400 mm. For all larger diameters only partial sinking is possible. This causes a problem when the saw unit is already in the lowest position. As such the saw blade cannot be removed from the danger area.

After the PCS® has been activated, the circular saw unit moves all the way down at the push of a button and reattaches to the saw shaft via the permanent magnet. The machine is then ready for use again straight away.